What Are You Exercising For?

​​ 99% of us should be exercising as prehabilitation (preventing injury, might be a made up word) or rehabilitation (recovery from injury). At this point in my life I am not interested in exercising just for the sake of getting better at exercising and in reality almost all of us should not be. Exercising should about making us feel better, look better, and make life easier which will allow us to experience more. It should aid our fun activities, hiking, biking, skiing, and more. This does not mean you cannot enjoy exercise but it shouldn’t be your everything. Exercise is predictable in the manner the you have complete control over every movement you are doing. You still have to mentall

Why Do You Exercise?

Ok, maybe not “Why do you exercise” because exercises provides many benefits; from improved body composition all the way to some people actually enjoy exercising or it’s one of their hobbies. Why do you move or even better- how do you move? At Defiance West we spend a lot of time talking about proper movement and how it relates to exercise. The majority of movements we perform use multiple joints which are whole body movements, for example, knee and hips, shoulders and elbows, etc... Realistically these movements are everyday movements that everyone performs whether they go to the gym or not. How do you perform these movements? In the gym, most of our members perform very well or are contin

April Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Michelle James for being named the Athlete of the Month for April. Michelle makes getting to the gym a priority in her life and every time she comes to class she makes it a better place for everyone. Please tell us about yourself. I grew up in Glenwood Springs and moved to New Castle in 1995 with my husband Vince and daughter Joslin. I am a co-owner of Vicki Lee Green Realtors and have been selling houses for 23 years. We became grandparents in 2015 to the newest love of our lives – little Miss Londyn. When did you become a member at Defiance West? I joined the gym in October 2015, I was looking for something to keep me in shape through the winter months. What made you

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