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We’re fairly sure the entire world can be divided into two groups.

Those who live their lives with a default posture of shoulders back and head up, or normal people who slouch over steering wheels, laptop screens and smartphones most of the time even though we totally b...

One of the magic ingredients to CrossFit is intensity.  Critics of CrossFit and usually people that have actually never done it often rip on the intensity of CrossFit.  Lets remind oursevles that before intensity people should be moving exceptionally well and consisten...

“Nice workout today, you were really fast.” ”Thanks, but I only used “x” pounds.”  Or, “nice workout you moved really well today.””  Yeah, but I only did half of the reps.”

Please, please, please stop with the yeah, but response.  Be proud of your effort and focus...

Congratulations to Jim Lord for being named the January Athlete of the month.  Jim is a regular at the 5:30 am class.  He consistently works hard, continues to improve his health and fitness, and motivates others in the class with him.  He has been doing CrossFit for a...

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