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Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Do I need to be in shape to start?

No, that is why most of us our coming to the gym.  That’s like asking, “Do I need to lose weight before I change my diet?” We can scale any workout and modify any movement. The hardest part is walking through the door. Get in here! We will meet you where you are in your health and fitness journey.

Will I get hurt?

Maybe. But not because what we do is dangerous. On the contrary, doing nothing is dangerous! There is the possibility of injury in any sport. You can pinch a nerve in your neck drying your head with a towel, but hopefully, you’re not going to give up showers. At Defiance West we are VERY cognizant of the injury factor and our coaching philosophy puts proper movement first. Then we prioritize consistency in moving properly. Only then do we introduce speed of movement and increase of load.

Will I get bulky? 

Only if you want to! Women (and men) who get bulky from exercise eat and train like a Viking (and probably add in some “pharmacology”). One of the main points to lifting weights at our gym is to create lean muscle mass and promote general physical preparedness.

Why is your membership fee more expensive than most gyms?

The real answer: Because it works! You have a coach to hone your technique, keep you safe and push you when you need it. You have workouts programmed for you…workouts that are time-tested and provide results. You have a community of like-minded people who will motivate you and hold you accountable. You have fun at the gym! It’s the same price as your Venti Iced Mocha and it’s cheaper than your personal trainer…

How is Defiance West different from similar gyms?

Any gym you walk into will say something similar…our coaches are great, our group loves each other, we work hard but still have fun. So what makes Defiance West different?

We are a gym full of everyday people looking to better their lives.  We have members that attend our classes from 14-70+ years old.  We want to meet you where you are and help you achieve your individual goals.  We will help guide you with proper movement and mechanics in well thought out fun and exciting ways.  We will push you physically and mentally.  

We believe that fitness and health is a lifelong process.  To succeed and continue to grow we must have mindset that allows for growth.  Positivity and negativity are contagious, spread the good.  We practice what we preach, call us out if we don't.  We have built a community that is supportive and inclusive to all people.  Anyone can do what we do, not everyone wants to, that is ok. 

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