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Thanks, but...

“Nice workout today, you were really fast.” ”Thanks, but I only used “x” pounds.” Or, “nice workout you moved really well today.”” Yeah, but I only did half of the reps.”

Please, please, please stop with the yeah, but response. Be proud of your effort and focus on what you are doing. Showing up to the gym is way more than most are doing. Doing the warm up is even more, and bonus most of the time you do a workout in class too. You are crushing it, you are working for it, and you are becoming a better version of yourself. There is nothing to not be proud of in these things.

Many of us, myself included, struggle with receiving compliments. My go to after receiving a compliment is to make a bad joke to take the attention off of me, which is me saying yeah, but...If someone goes out of their way to give you a compliment we need to accept it graciously. They wouldn’t have said it if they didn’t mean it.

CrossFit and group classes are awesome! They bring so many positive things, I believe this and run a business off of it. But they are another opportunity for us to compare ourselves to others. Many of us do this enough in other areas of our lives, I am no different, but I am consciously working hard to let go of comparison in all areas of my life, including the gym.

If you also catch yourself constantly comparing yourself to others when it comes to your workouts, please give yourself a break. Take a step back after every workout and ask yourself did I work hard, did I move better, and is this going to make me better tomorrow? If the answer is yes, then stop right there and be happy with what you have done and keep at it. It is your journey and about you.

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