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​"Show up as often as possible and be patient with yourself. You will see athletes who are so strong and can do so many of the lifts and make the conditioning look easy, well, they started at some point too. Set some specific goals, you will improve your fitness level every day you show up. Get your friends to show up, your spouse, sig other, the social and interactive part of it is as important as the strength aspect, I look forward to seeing everyone there!"


"The hardest part is walking through the door. We have the most encouraging and welcoming members. You can pretty much do anything when you have all these wonderful people supporting you."


"My husband was inviting me to join the gym for almost a year but I was so scared because I don't speak English and I didn't think I could do it because a lot of people told me that the workouts are horrible and only crazy people can do it, but now I'm here and happy to be a crazy person haha.  I now enjoy working hard, giving my best every single day and the best part is, it is fun. So if I can EVERYBODYTHAT WANTSTO, CAN TOO!"



"Put it all together and that's what it's done for me. I'm at my healthiest weight ever. And thanks to my curse with squats, I now know that my posture has been neglected for far too long and has forced me to change how I sit, how I stand, and how I move in everyday life. It also gives me a much needed escape from the constant droning of my calculator, keyboard, and ringing phones. I get excited knowing just a few more hours and I have to leave to go to Defiance West."