About Us

Defiance West Strength & Conditioning was founded in New Castle, CO in April of 2015. Our mission is to help you achieve your personal goals; on the field, the court, the mountain or just keeping up with the kids and grandkids. We safely build a foundation of movement skills beginning with a client’s bodyweight, and progressing to loaded external objects such as barbells, dumbbells and medicine balls.

We work with people from all walks of life: high level athletes, weekend warriors, soccer moms, golfers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, grandfathers, mixed martial artists, kids, business professionals and just about everybody in between.

We believe in mastering the basics and then slowly increasing both movement complexity and exercise to optimize results. We strike a balance between performance, health and longevity by integrating sound nutrition, smart training and the benefits of a community oriented fitness approach.

At Defiance West our instructors are experts in the field and teachers first. We work with our members on steady progression and sound, safe fundamental movements. At no time is an athlete asked to perform beyond their level of readiness. Our methodology relies on exercises which are constantly varied in daily workouts. Each exercise can be modified and scaled safely until the athlete progresses to performing the full movement. There is LOTS to learn and it is ADDICTING!

Health and fitness is about consistency and is a life long journey.  If you find something you enjoy, you are going to get better results and are more likely to keep doing it.  We believe in a long term mind set and create a workout environment that is not only effective, but also fun!

How It Works

      Your first step to start is to set up your one on one meeting with one of our coaches. The Intro is a 20 minute session that will help you learn some more about our gym and the “why’s” behind the program. 


     During the Intro you will talk to the coach about your goals,  training time and whether you feel like this program is right for you. The coach will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you’re in the correct class and have the best opportunity to succeed.


       Pick a membership option that works for you – we have several different plans available to fit your schedule and training frequency. Unlike other gyms that require a contract to keep their clients, we don’t force contracts on our members – we want to earn your business. Check out our            page for our membership information.


Contact Us:

6420 County Road 335 Unit B

New Castle, CO 81647

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