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April 2016

Please tell us about yourself.

L: My name is Liliana I married to Noel(Aldemar) we live in new castle we have been married for 19 years and we have two kids Valeria-16 and Bruno-6 we are from Chihuahua México we have been living in the valley for 19 years. I work cleaning houses 5 days a week (sometimes more).

N: I have two children, a 6 year old son named Bruno, and a 16 year old daughter named Valeria. I’ve been in the valley almost 20 years.

When did you become a member at Defiance West?

Since the first day that they opened.

I became a member at Defiance West as soon as they opened the gym.

What made you join Defiance West and why do you do it now?

I joined it because its in new castle and because Noel and I will work out together I do it now because I love crossfit and this place. I love happy people and everyone in here is happy and supportive and we have the best coach.

Since I live in New Castle it was easier for me to come here instead of Defiance in Glenwood. I do it now because I really like the people who come here and I like how Cory instructs us.

What were your thoughts after your first workout?

All I can remember from the first class is sled push hahahha and even when I was doing crossfit for a couple of months at Two Rivers Crossfit I was really tired but happy to work out with my husband and really liked the way that Cory instructs the class.

This is for crazy people.

What is your athletic background?

A little more than a year of zumba and a couple of months of crossfit but before that none.

I had gone 1 year to Defiance in Glenwood but besides that nothing.

What is your favorite movement or workout?

I really enjoy deadlift.

My favorite movements are push-ups and running.

What is your least favorite?

I’m still need to work a lot in all that involves squats, arm strength and of course running and burpees.

My least favorite are jerks and hang cleans.

What has been your favorite or proudest moment since joining?

I love when my kids are with us at the gym and for me every single day that I show up is a proud moment after a whole life without any type of exercise I think is the hardest part.

When I was able to deadlift 300lbs.

How has Defiance West changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness?

It has opened my eyes and showed me that being skinny is not all, of course its important to lose weight if you need it and its better for your health but its not everything. I stopped dieting and weighing myself every single day. We don’t watch tv any more (we changed telenovelas for crossfit) hahhaha and I still trying to eat better, this is hard when you have your family close and they cook really yummy enchiladas, tacos, and your favorite food every single day (any food is my favorite food)hahhaaha. When I started I couldn’t do even a sit-up, run a minute, a box jump or jump rope and now I’m here really happy because I can do things that I never imagined I could. Now I feel much better and healthier I know I still need to work a lot more and I understand that I can’t change 30 years of my lazy life in a year and I know exercise is a process that takes time but I’m ready and happy to keep working hard.

At first I was way out of condition and I couldn’t do anything but now I have great conditioning and I live a much healthier life.

What are your fitness goals for this year?

To do push ups and run a couple miles being able to breath and without stopping.

Being able to do more double unders.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I lost 45 pounds with zumba before I start crossfit and because I love zumba and because I wish some day I can help others the way that zumba and the girls in there helped me hopefully I’ll became a zumba instructor in May. Especially in our culture where we cook really good food but most of the time not so healthy have been hard for me to lose weight but thanks to the support of my family and the amazing people around me it was much easier.

I have an obsession with hats and shoes.

What advice would you give to people looking to get started at our gym?

To just come and try or even come and watch a couple of classes so you can see what its all about and that its something that everybody can do you will be hooked with the amazing people and of course the workouts and one of the best things is you can bring your kids with you if you need or want to. My husband was inviting me to join the gym for almost a year but I was so scared because I don’t speak English and I didn’t think I could do it because a lot of people told me that the workouts are horrible and only crazy people can do it, but now I’m here happy to be a crazy person haha and of course working hard giving my best every single day and the best part enjoying it So if I can EVERYBODY THAT WANTS TO, CAN TOO !!!!!!!!

Solo ven y trata o mira un par de clases para que veas de que se trata todo esto y te des cuenta que es algo que todos pueden hacer te vas a quedar enganchado con las maravillosas personas y claro con los ejercicios y una de las mejores cosas es que tu puedestraer tus niños si tu necesitas o quieres Mi esposo esposo me invito a ir a el gimnasio por casi un año pero yo estaba tan asustada porque no hablo ingles y yo creia que yo no lo podia hacer por lo que muchas personas me decian que los ejercicios son orribles y solo las personaslocas lo pueden hacer pero ahora aqui estoy feliz de ser una persona loca jajjajajaja y claro trabajando duro haciendo mi mejor esfuerso cada dia y la mejor parte disfrutandolo Entonces si yo puedo TODOS LOSQUE QUIERAN,PUEDEN TAMBIEN!!!!

Don’t give up, the first two months are hard but once you get past those two months you got it!

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