September Committed Club

Congratulations to these members for making it to the gym 15 or more times during the month of September. Silvana Hayden (Q3) - Terry Secor (Q3) - Jim Lord - Camille Landry - Shawna Powell (Q3) - Heidi Schultz - Erica Coon - Beth Mexted (Q3) - Michael Feigenbaum (Q3) - Aaron Masimer (Q3) - Ben Coon (Q3) - Brackett Pollard - Justin Adis (Q3) - Kate Owens - Jen Best (Q3) - Nancy McClew - Emily Raymonda - Cooper Best (Q3) - Jackie Holgate - Phil Dunn (Q3) - Rob Glassmire (Q3) - Bruce Camilletti (Q3) - Michelle Camilletti (Q3) - Christine Schriock (Q3) - Erica Gentry (Q3) - Jacob Weems (Q3) - Jasilee Cook (Q3) - Margaret Hesse (Q3) - Joe Urnise (Q3) - Addy Marantino - Corina Esparza - Andrea Coa

October Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Jackie Holgate for being named the Athlete of the Month for October. Jackie is very coachable, she consistently works hard, and she does a great job of welcoming new people to the gym.  Jackie is as consistent as they come and the hard work has paid off.  Thank you Jackie for making our gym a better place. 1. Please tell us about yourself. I love to read, ride bikes (mountain/road) and my greatest accomplishment is my 3 beautiful boys. I truly love getting to be a Mom. 2. When did you become a member at Defiance West? My first workout was to be in a new beginner’s class 3 years ago at the begging of September that Cory was starting. I was so scared to go but Michael reall

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