Easing Pain and Improving Mobility

We’re fairly sure the entire world can be divided into two groups. Those who live their lives with a default posture of shoulders back and head up, or normal people who slouch over steering wheels, laptop screens and smartphones most of the time even though we totally buy into the idea that it’s killing us slowly. Does this sound like you? If you’re not raising your hand in agreement, it’s probably because of poor range of motion, right? I am not different. While many of us have made a lot of progress towards developing a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that most people still spend too much time in compromising positions. Why? Sitting and slouching feels kind of good. Understand that slouch


One of the magic ingredients to CrossFit is intensity. Critics of CrossFit and usually people that have actually never done it often rip on the intensity of CrossFit. Lets remind oursevles that before intensity people should be moving exceptionally well and consistently doing it. We can worry about adding speed, weight or complexity once we have the mechanics down consistently. At our gym we have members that are in their teens and members into their 70’s. All of the people at our gym train with intensity. Intensity for a 16 year old volleyball player looking to make it to the college level is going to look different than intensity for a 55 year old guy looking to lose 30 pounds, get off

Thanks, but...

“Nice workout today, you were really fast.” ”Thanks, but I only used “x” pounds.” Or, “nice workout you moved really well today.”” Yeah, but I only did half of the reps.” Please, please, please stop with the yeah, but response. Be proud of your effort and focus on what you are doing. Showing up to the gym is way more than most are doing. Doing the warm up is even more, and bonus most of the time you do a workout in class too. You are crushing it, you are working for it, and you are becoming a better version of yourself. There is nothing to not be proud of in these things. Many of us, myself included, struggle with receiving compliments. My go to after receiving a compliment is to mak

January Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Jim Lord for being named the January Athlete of the month. Jim is a regular at the 5:30 am class. He consistently works hard, continues to improve his health and fitness, and motivates others in the class with him. He has been doing CrossFit for a long time and he still continues to work on moving better. We appreciate him in our morning group! Please tell us about yourself. I was born in Glenwood Springs December 1971. I grew up in the valley for most of my life, but spent some time in Alaska and Idaho as well. I went to high school in Rifle Colorado. I met my wife Kelly freshman year in high school, we started dating junior year in high school. Hi school sports wer

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