You May Be Sabotaging Your Recovery (Part 3 of 3)

In case you missed them Part 1 and Part 2. Lack of Sleep Ah, sleep. We all know how much we need it, mostly because when we don’t get enough, the world takes on a different, more negative hue. Lights seem brighter and sounds more vivid, and not in a good way. Perpetual fogginess clouds our thoughts, slurs our words, and prevents us from focusing on anything but the coffee pot timer. Did you know that sleep deprivation also hampers our athletic performance? That bad sleep makes us slower, weaker, and less coordinated? That sleep deprivation reduces the effectiveness of our workouts, and sometimes even reverses their beneficial effects? That it can hamper our ability to build lean mass? Sleep

Double Unders, a Lesson in Patience.

Double unders. Two words that brought anxiety and frustration to me for a couple years. I can look back on my struggle with this movement and see that some of the things I did actually sabotaged my progress. Here is my experience. My biggest mistake was thinking that I would just get them. You may laugh reading this, but it was true. I thought it would just come naturally. When it didn’t, I was frustrated. Other people made it look so easy. In reality, double unders are like any other movement. It takes practice and time to get better. When I wanted to get my pull-ups, I had to put the work in. It didn’t happen overnight but I did get them. Double unders are the exact same. I just didn’t see

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