Consistency is key. The people we see and admire as being healthy and fit are consistent in their training and very likely in their diet. Your training and your diet do not need to be extreme but they do need a part of your life and daily habits. Fad diets and extreme exercise programs usually do not lead to consistency. Wait a minute, extreme exercise programs, isn’t CrossFit an extreme exercise program? It can be, but go back and read this if you missed it please. I would rather see someone at the gym two to three times per week for a year, than seeing some five days a week for a month or two then they take off a month or two and repeat the same cycle for the next year. Your body will


Last week we talked about finding something you look forward to and that you can envision yourself doing for years to come. If you missed it read here first. For this to work you need to be doing something that is sustainable. High intensity programs have been all the craze in the last few years. Some of you have been doing them even longer. Many people don’t like CrossFit or at least like to talk bad about it but CrossFit has changed the fitness landscape and you can see it in every gym. Classes are being offered labeled as CrossFit lite, boot camp, X-Fit, and more. All of these classes are taking the concepts from CrossFit and just slapping a different name on it. They are doing thi

Find Something You Enjoy

I didn’t find fitness until I was in my 20’s. When I first started lifting weights and somewhat consistently going to the gym, I lacked a long-term outlook. I didn’t know if I was going to be working out for a week, a month, a year, or longer. I was trying it out and seeing if I liked it. For the next five years I went through a cycle of working out for several months and then taking several months off. I was seeing results but resetting so often that they never amounted to anything. The littlest bump in the road, a cold, a busy day, or just being lazy would get back into the routine of not regularly exercising and it would often take months for me to get going again. Eventually I was f

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