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March 2016

For the month of March we would like to congratulate Terry Secor for all of his hard work. Terry joined us last summer and has shown great progress since the beginning. He has a great mindset and places all of his focus on his movement which has led to his great results.

Please tell us about yourself.

I have lived in all parts of Colorado for pretty much the full 35 years I’ve been alive. I have a glorious desk job, Monday through Sunday from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep as a bookkeeper for a CPA firm in Glenwood Springs. When I do find time to escape my shackles, I enjoy jumping into fast cars and racing off on the twistiest highways and byways CO has to offer. Music is my best friend that helps keep me sane throughout my days as a number cruncher. It’s not the most glamourous life but I have been fortunate to see most of the USA from many road trips across America. If it involves fast cars, scenic roads, good music, and delicious food. I’m GAME!

When did you become a member at Defiance West?

Not sure the exact time but I joined Defiance sometime in August, 2015, if I’m not mistaken.

What made you join Defiance West and why do you do it now?

I have always been a little guy. I plateaued at 5’6″ and 130lbs. It was never a pretty sight. Years and years of binge eating had no affect on me (yes, very fortunate). I have always been very active runner and even went so far as to take some classes at the GWS Rec Center to try and gain a little muscle. After almost a year of going with very little results, it was time to ramp up the workouts.

What were your thoughts after your first workout?

My first workout was unforgettable. Met with Cory for a little 1 on 1 to see learn some basic movements and test the waters. I started off ambitious but quickly realized that I was in over my head. Started with some rowing and though I was good but it quickly went downhill from there. Getting into the workouts, I could hardly gain my breath and by the time we were done, I went to the bathroom because I knew I was not going to be able to hold down my lunch. After 15 minutes of telling myself I was going to be ok, and running a cold washcloth over my face, I new A) I needed this more than I knew, and B) This was a class that was going to push beyond anything I had ever done before. And that’s exactly what I wanted.

What is your athletic background?

In my younger days, I used to race BMX, ski as much as I could, and was always racing the other kids to see who was fastest. In high school, I got into track and field as a hurdler and also tried my hand at distance running. Never did excel much at either but I did make State with my team in Cross Country my senior year. Once I graduated, everything stopped. I could have cared less about running, or working out. Why would anyone want to suffer on purpose? Skiing stopped as well because I had a shoulder that liked to dislocate every 3 months or so playing Frisbee, shooting pool, skiing, putting on a jacket..even pointing would dislocate it. Finally my brother somehow convinced me to do the Tough Mudder (Once is enough for me). For some reason I said yes and actually started training for it. Low and behold, I actually enjoyed the workouts. From there, I’ve just never really stopped.

What is your favorite movement or workout?

When we first started, I enjoyed the double unders. If was one of the few things I could really excel at. They came naturally to me. Although I hit 98 once and since I haven’t been able to break 100 or even come close to that number, I’ve sort of grown to hate them. Nemesis.

Now I would have to say I enjoy the sumo deadlifts and back squats. I do have strong legs and with my should problems, it one of the workouts that I don’t have to adjust because of my annoying shoulder disability.

What has been your favorite or proudest moment since joining?

Doing a pull-up. Heck even just hanging from the pullup bar without touching the ground was a HUGE accomplishment for me. With my shoulder so temperamental, I have to be extremely careful with any extended arm movements. It’s been exciting to see the strength and improvement over the months.

I’m also extremely happy that I have gained 20 lbs and maintain at 155 lbs. I have NEVER weighed that much in my life. It nice to actually look like an average human being instead of a wilted noodle.

How has Defiance West changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness?

Put it all together and that’s what it’s done for me. I’m at my healthiest weight ever. And thanks to my curse with squats, I now know that my posture has been neglected for far too long and has forced me to change how I sit, how I stand, and how I move in everyday life. It also gives me a much needed escape from the constant droning of my calculator, keyboard, and ringing phones. I get excited knowing just a few more hours and I have to leave to go to Defiance.

What are your fitness goals for this year?

As of right now, my goal is to get back into the regular workouts. With my newly acquired back problem, I have a very modified workout. But with the help of Cory and my PT trainer, we are working to getting me back on track. I would hope that by the time tax season is over in April, I will be back to the regular scheduled programming.

As for the rest of the year, I’m hoping to continue my development of my shoulders to increase my ability to do pull-ups. Strengthening my should is primary number 1 after I get my back back on track.

Oh and those blasted 100 double unders!!

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know a lot about me because I’m not a very social person, which is quite obvious. But if your looking for fun facts, I’m related to Shirley Temple. That’s all I got.

What advice would you give to people looking to get started at our gym?

STOP!! DON’T DO IT!! But if you choose not to listen below are possible side affects:



Loss of weight

Weight gain (In my case)

Sense of Accomplishment

Muscle Growth

Improved Stamina

Raised Confidence

And many others

Please consult with your conscience!

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