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August Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Tori Palmer for being named the Defiance West August Athlete of the Month. Tori has shown how consistency in the gym can improve your health and fitness. She is a great example to all of us and something to aspire to be. Thank you for Tori for making our gym a better place.

Please tell us about yourself. I am the eldest J person here at the gym! I have been working out with this wonderful extended family of mine in New Castle for 2 years and 8 months. I retired from my own veterinary practice in this town 5 months ago and I am now transforming my new life with the support I receive from being with these amazing people! I’m getting stronger and healthier every day.

When did you become a member at Defiance West? Christmas Eve Day 2015.

What made you join Defiance West and why do you do it now? Michelle and Vince James kept telling me how much I’d love it. Michelle, Vince, Michael and I were all in the Boot Camp classes together at Lakota Rec. Defiance West’s coaches and the equipment are superior. I enjoy the daily diversity in workouts here at our gym!

What were your thoughts after your first workout? I was stoked, fearful and totally motivated to keep doing and learning.

What is your athletic background? I had never touched a barbell in my whole long life! Ballet & swimming for 30 years. Dance & art history major at UCLA. Ran 2 marathons in my 40s. Hiked a few 14ers in Colorado in my 50s. Taught Yoga for 9 years, and then… I discovered this CrossFit thing!

What is your favorite movement or workout? Squats, burpees, kettlebells and dumbbells.

What is your least favorite? Wall balls.

What has been your favorite or proudest moment since joining? Winning a Peach Box CrossFit t-shirt! Answering these questions and reflecting on my past to get me to this present moment, this “Now.”

How has Defiance West changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness? I’ve discovered self-compassion, and I have gained a resilient spirit. I am stronger in my body and my health.

What are your fitness goals for this year? In this next year here I want to be able to climb a rope, know the correct alignment and execution of all the barbell lifts from memory and be stronger on the pullup bars.

What is something most people don’t know about you? My deepest passion in my gardens is growing Dinner- plate Dahlias. They are huge and beautiful!

What advice would you give to people looking to get started at our gym? a.) If you believe it, you will achieve it. If you dream it, you will become it. b.) Failure is merely Feedback.

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