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2020 CrossFit Open and AM vs. PM Challenge

Here are the basics:

For 5 weeks, (October 10th-November 7th) on Thursday nights, the CrossFit Games will lease a workout for thousands of people across the world to complete. We will perform our workouts on Fridays at our gym.

The workouts are very similar to what we do at the gym everyday, we just don't know what they are until the night before. They have an Rx division (usually a little heavier weights and more complex movements) and a scaled division (weights and movements a little dialed back) and you will choose your division for the week. You can even go back and forth week to week depending on the movements.

This whole thing is the kick off to the CrossFit Games and it is part of the worlds best qualifying process. We have particiapted in years past and it has been a blast to participate together. Sorry to break it to you, but none of us are the worlds best this year and we will not be moving on to the next level. SO...we decided to make this years a friendly competition between the AM classes and the PM classes.

How the competition will work:

The team that scores the most points wins.

There are 3 points available in the whole competition.

-1 point for the biggest team. The team that has the most sign ups by September 10th gets this point.

-1 point for weekly participation. The team that shows up and completes the workout most consistently each week gets a point. This will be based off all 5 weeks and the winner will be determined after week 5.

-1 point for performance. We will take the average scores of each team. Rx and Scaled divisions will be equal. For example 100 reps in Rx = 100 reps in scaled. We trust you will make the right choice for your division. In the average we are also going to remove the top two and bottom two scores each week.

What you need to do:

1. Pick a team (some of you go to a mix of AM and PM classes, do you best to pick the one you attend the most).

2. Sign up in the gym by September 10th (the early sign up time is so we can order team shirts).

3. Pay through cash, check, our your gym account ($20 gets you in and a shirt).

4. Keep coming to the gym and do your regular routine.

5. Have fun!

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