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Consistency is key. The people we see and admire as being healthy and fit are consistent in their training and very likely in their diet. Your training and your diet do not need to be extreme but they do need a part of your life and daily habits. Fad diets and extreme exercise programs usually do not lead to consistency.

Wait a minute, extreme exercise programs, isn’t CrossFit an extreme exercise program? It can be, but go back and read this if you missed it please.

I would rather see someone at the gym two to three times per week for a year, than seeing some five days a week for a month or two then they take off a month or two and repeat the same cycle for the next year. Your body will adapt much better to consistently coming than the on again off again approach. Your results might be slower two to three times a week but you will keep progressing and after one year and even more your health and wellness goals will be met.

If you are struggling with consistency, I suggest scheduling your workouts. Put it in your calendar. We are fortunate enough to have a gym full of busy people. Many of them schedule their workout just like they would a work meeting. They are putting high value on their health and because that value is there then they can make other decisions around it.

Motivation can often be a struggle for many of us. Find an accountability partner, someone that will encourage you when you aren’t as motivated and you can return the favor. Sign up for a race or some kind of challenge to give you something more to workout for. When motivation is down for me, I often go back to my why. Why am I working out? For me it makes me feel good, I like feeling capable, and I want to be one of those “crazy” people in their later years still getting out and enjoying this amazing state we live in.

If you go to our gym, we started the Committed Club which had an awesome impact on our member's consistency. For more information on the Committed Club go here because we are doing it again in 2020!

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