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January 2020 Committed Club

Congratulations to these members for making it to the gym 15 or more times during the month of January!

Bobbie Duncan - Laura Van Deusen - Terry Secor - Jim Lord - Dana Jenick - Steve Beaulieu - Heidi Schultz - Tony Diguglielmo - Erica Coon - Beth Mexted - Michael Feigenbaum - Kristine Stinson - Aaron Masimer - Tim Lavin - Ben Coon - Justin Adis Judy Mauldin - Salvador Herrera - Jen Best - Nancy McClew Cooper Best - Yaneli Gomez Jackie Holgate - Phil Dunn - Rob Glassmire Christine Schriock - Tom Reece - Miranda Watson - Jackie Sullivan - Erica Gentry - Chris Ziegler - Jacob Weems - Jasilee Cook Margaret Hesse - Angela Dunn - Illka Hettrich - Margeaux Mathis - Sharon Huber - Bill Huber

Every month we randomly draw a name for a $50 gift card and this months winner is Laura Van Deusen who wins a gift card to Iron Mountain Hot Springs!

If you would like more information on the Committed Club and some of the other prizes you can win for quarterly and yearly awards follow this link.

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