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September Committed Club

Congratulations to these members for making it to the gym 15 or more times during the month of September.

Silvana Hayden (Q3) - Terry Secor (Q3) - Jim Lord - Camille Landry - Shawna Powell (Q3) - Heidi Schultz - Erica Coon - Beth Mexted (Q3) - Michael Feigenbaum (Q3) - Aaron Masimer (Q3) - Ben Coon (Q3) - Brackett Pollard - Justin Adis (Q3) - Kate Owens - Jen Best (Q3) - Nancy McClew - Emily Raymonda - Cooper Best (Q3) - Jackie Holgate - Phil Dunn (Q3) - Rob Glassmire (Q3) - Bruce Camilletti (Q3) - Michelle Camilletti (Q3) - Christine Schriock (Q3) - Erica Gentry (Q3) - Jacob Weems (Q3) - Jasilee Cook (Q3) - Margaret Hesse (Q3) - Joe Urnise (Q3) - Addy Marantino - Corina Esparza - Andrea Coats

Congratulations to Cooper Best for being drawn to win a $50 gift card to The Pullman.

Congratulations to Rob Glassmire for being drawn as the Quarter 3 winner and earning ½ off their next month’s membership.


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